Daily Motivational Quotes Work

As you’ve read on the Coaching and Motivation website before, I am a big fan of using Motivational queues to keep moving in the right direction of attaining your goals. One little thing I’ve found successful is that daily motivational quotes work.

Why do Daily Motivational Quotes work?

It’s really easy actually. Daily Motivational Quotes are a quick and simple way to start your day, reset your mind, etc.

There are so many sites that you can visit and sign up to have a daily motivational quote sent to you via email or test. Some include:

Daily Motivational Quote

Motivational Quote of the Day!

– …… and many, many more!

Motivational Quotes can keep you feeling positive, help you when you’re in that rut mentally about getting the work done you need to do to keep moving forward to attain your goals!

Add your favorte Motivational Quote to anything!

One of my favorite, quick reset motivational quotes is “Be In The Moment!” or “BITM” for me when I write it down.

I like to write BITM on my daily calendar. When I see those letters it’s a quick reminder of “Am I engaged in what I’m doing or is my mind wandering?” Seeing BITM is now a habit formed reset for me.

I’ve actually thought about getting a “BITM” tattoo, but not yet. 🙂

Having a quick reset item like “BITM” has really helped me stay engaged with whatever I’m doing because it’s motivating and now it’s a mental reset everytime I see those letters! It helps me quickly ask myself “Am I doing what I should be doing?”

Try it! Seriously. Write it down somewhere so you can se it!

Find a motivational quote you find personally important and put the first letter of each word on your daily calendar, on your phone, or wherever you can think of so you see it everyday.

You’ll be amazed at the difference.

I’m willing to bet that if you write your motivational quote down on a daily basis and you see it multiple times a day, you’ll see that your mindset will change, thus your habits will change.

Here are some daily motivational quotes that work for me. Feel free to use them!

  • “Be in the Moment!” – BITM
  • “Act Like It’s Your First Day, Everyday” – ALIYFDE (You know the feeling when you’re excited about your first day at a new job, etc.?)
  • In Memory Of <X> – Many are motivated by a family member who has passed. I use my father as part of my daily motivational quotes

These are just a small example of what you can use to help motivate yourself. Again, I think that if you give something like this an honest try, you’ll see the differences in your life.

Daily Motivational Quotes Work!

Please comment below about what’s worked for you to stay motivated? I’m excited to learn what others out there do and I’m always amazed at the creativity of others and what they come up with.

Have a great day and Take Action!



8 thoughts on “Daily Motivational Quotes Work”

  1. claudio says:

    Great points and pointers. You are preaching to the choir. Motivational quotes to motivate one self can also be motivational for others you interact with.

    1. Mark Robie says:

      Great point! Motivation in yourself can then breed motivation in others! It’s contagious!!!

  2. Will says:

    Thanks for the reminding us how important it is to stay motivated! I enjoy reading the motivational quotes, it can really turn your attitude around when you are having a rough day. Thanks!

    1. Mark Robie says:

      I appreciate the feedback! You are so right! Taking a quick timeout to consume some motivation can really turn your mind, and your day, around quickly!

  3. Maun says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’m glad to run across this information. Totally agree with you ” Daily Motivational Quotes Work!”
    Today, I’m so blue, but after reading the quote here, you spark my plug. So kudos for that!
    Thanks for sharing. Plan to check in and see where you go next.
    To all your success!

    1. Mark Robie says:

      Thank you for the great comment and I’m very glad that I was able to help you turn around out of the funk for a bit! That’s what this site is going to be about so again, thank you for letting me know!


  4. Chris Franklin says:

    Be in the moment! One of my all time favorite motivational quotes. I don’t write it down every day, but I have it posted on my board in my office so I can see it every time I go to work. I agree that having it there really works and I think I will start writing it on a post-it note and hanging that on my monitor every day before I start to write.

    1. Mark Robie says:


      That is excellent news! Thank you for the great comment and i’m glad it helped! I have several quote acronyms my day planner daily (quotes, family, etc.). Please let us know how the post-it note helps you out!

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