Goal Setting High School Students – Teaching our kids to fish!Goal Setting High School Students – Teaching our kids to fish!

Goal Setting High School Students

It’s No Secret!

It’s no secret that goal setting hight school students that are taught how to plan out their goals and then how to get achieve them have more discipline in their lives and the grades and work history to prove it.

I have one daughter in high school and one about to be in high school and one of the life lessons I teach my children is that with anything in life, anything, you need to have big goals and dreams and then, more importantly, the skills to figure out how to achieve them and the discipline to execute their plan so they can be one of the special goal setting high school students.

I wish schools taught us how to plan out life goals!

We were given books to use for learning math

We read books to learn about language and social studies.

Where was the book that taught us how to manage what we want and how to go about achieving it?

I would think that this skill is as at least as important as the other school topics! Yeah, I know I don’t use Algebra everyday (though I do now and then), but I use my goal setting skills everyday!

Help your kids learn how to set big goals and plan how to execute the plan!

“A dream is just a goal without a deadline!” – Napoleon Hill

Goal Setting High School Students

Goal Setting High School Students typically do better! Show your students how to have this advantage!

It started with just a student calendar given to my daughters so they would begin to write things down! (An important milestone in and of itself!). Once they were use to that, I moved them onto basic planners and goal setting notebooks so they’d get the idea of how to take a goal and plan out the steps.

I was actually amazed at how quickly they both took to the idea of figuring out how to achieve their goals. We started off simple

  • Goal to make $100 to buy holiday presents
    • Babysit neighbors kids
      • Knock on neighbors doors and let them know available to babysit
      • Get babysitting certificate

It was this kind of basic planning that helped them grow into making larger plans to achieve larger goals.

Achieving Goals Breeds Achieving More Goals!

Once my daughters had a few successes (and failures of course), they learned that they had the ability to do this type of planning and when successful, it fueled them to do more!

Take Action With Your Kids!

While we typically trust our schools and wonderful teachers, helping our kids plan their dreams, their goals, is something that is so valuable that is not focused on much.

Always, please let me know your thoughts!


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