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Keep Moving Forward! - Free Motivational video

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Hey Everyone,

You will all come to find out quickly that I love movies and that one of my favorite genre’s is sports movies. To me there is not much better than a good old fashioned motivational “locker room” speech (if done correctly) to get you motivated.

In sports movies, I’d rank Rocky Balboa near the top of the list for finding a way to overcome obstacles and succeed!

Watch This!

“Keep Moving Forward!”

As Rocky says, that’s how winning is done. I use the phrase “Keep Moving Forward!” all the time with myself and with anyone who might need a quick “pick-me-up” (which we all need sometimes)

Remember, you can check out free motivational videos to help you reset and refocus for you to attain your goals.

More to come and I’ll keep posting free motivational videos so you have a place to come to! Let “Coaching and Motivation” be your place to come get reset, learn new things, or talk to others about successes, failures, and learning lessons you have.

Thanks everyone!

Be great and Take Action!


3 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward!”

  1. great minds must think along the same channel.

  2. claudio says:

    Great motivational pce. Rocky sure exemplified the power of moving forward despite what appeared to be insurmountable odds.

  3. Mark Robie says:

    Thank you for the great feedback!

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