PitBull is this week’s Sunday Motivation – Rise to the top!PitBull is this week’s Sunday Motivation – Rise to the top!

Model Successful People!

This weeks free motivational video is actually a free motvational audio!

I received an email with this Tony Robbins podcast and when it said that Pitbull was involved, I was very interested in finding out his story.

I am contstantly looking for different examples of people who have achieved success and done so by their heart, their passion and their motivation. Pitbull is an amazing example of this!

In an interview with Tony Robbins, the musician Pitbill tells the audience how elements of his life has shaped him and motivated him to be successful.

You need to listen to this!


I think you’ll find Pitull’s story is yet another example of the following

  • There are no shortcuts!
  • Passion, Motivation! Taking Action

My hope is that you can take the lessons and knowledge given in this and apply it to achieving your goals!

Please let me know your thoughts on this!

Have a great week! Take Action!



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