PRODUCT REVIEW – The Self JournalPRODUCT REVIEW – The Self Journal

The Self Journal Review

The Self Journal

Overall Ranking: 9/10

Price: $31.99 Owners: BestSelf Co.



The Self Journal is a great alternative to the typical task list notebook. The Self Journal is a different type of journal which guides you think every day and write down the following:

  • What are you grateful for starting the day
  • Goals
  • Today’s Targets
  • Lessons Learned
  • Wins
  • What are you grateful for to end the day?

I’d heard of the Self Journal from a coworker of mine who had it in a meeting and I asked him what it was. He said it was his day planner and I wasn’t impressed. When he saw the dismissive look on my face, he immediately replied “This is no ordinary day planner. Open it, check it out.” I took him up on his offer.

When I opened the Self Journal, I knew this was something different and something special!


The Self Journal - Crafted For Success!

The Self Journal – Crafted For Success!


Let me start off by saying I REALLY, REALLY like The Self Journal!

I’ve found it a great way to expand my thinking about my goals and how to achieve them! The Self Journal format helps me think about not only what’s important to achieve my goals but why it’s important to achieve that goal!

It’s not just a blank journal!

The Self Journal has great info on

  • The Best Self Community
  • Cheat Sheet – How to best use your Self Journal
  • The 6 Principles
    • Craft a Roadmap of your Life!
    • Zero Based Calendar
    • Prioritized, Proactive, Productive – “Don’t Wait! Don’t Delay! Don’t Worry – Just Get It Done!”
    • Flexibility & Freedom
    • Tracking & Reflection – “Your success in life is the sum of the habits you create!”
    • Bookend your day with Postive Psychology!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit!” – Aristotle

  • The Morning Routine – Explains why it’s SO IMPORTANT to have a good start everyday that sets the stage for the rest of the day.
  • The Evening Routine – How to reflect and wake up being productive the next day!
  • 13 Week Roadmap – Walks you through the 13 week planning of achieving your goals!
  • The Daily Planner – Gets to the heart of your Actions and Tasks to Goal Success!
  • Reflection & Tracking – What went well and what needs work? You’re going to have both! Enjoy the winning moments and learn from what got you off of the gas pedal
  • Goal Planning! – What will it take over the 13 weeks to get you to where you want to be?


The Self Journal can be augmented by other tools that are actually useful!

  • Self Journal Shield – Great cover to keep it protected!

    The Self Journal - Crafted For Success!

    The Self Journal – Crafted For Success!

Beyond the


  • There is not an electronic version of the Self Journal which may make this not as appealing to some. In the technology world we live in, some folks want to have all of these types of plans, etc. online for storage and access.


I think anyone (including you!) looking to take that next step to map tasks and tactics to goals can benefit from the Self Journal. From the beginner to the seasoned professional, the format is fresh and works to help you make progress.


Beyond the Self Journal itself, you get the following:

  • Email support! – Yes, I said that. The emails that are sent during and after your purchase are short, clear and helpful
  • 13 week dry erase poster that helps you map out your goals, strategies, and tactics in a holistic way so you can see your plan from beginning to end. This poster is not that large so it can fit in a small area in your workspace so you can constantly reference it. — And the Dry Erase allows you to use it over and over!!!


If you email them, they will respond! I’ve done it!


The price for the one time Self Journal is $31.99.

The price for a subscription (every 12 weeks) is $28.79 per Self Journal

In the bigger scheme of things, this amount of money to spend is nothing compared to the ability for the Self Journal to help you organize your life and reach your next level. There are products I have spent more money on and have received much less value.

Buy the Self Journal!

There are many products where I try and think of a reason to try it out. With the Self Journal, I can’t think of a reason to not buy it! Really, I’ve used this product and after only a few days I was hooked and have not incorporated this product and thought process into my daily life, for the better!

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